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Our High Pressure Washing Unit is the quickest and most effective method of doing this and can quickly restore any hard standing to its original condition thus improving safety for its users.  This system can also be used on surfaces such as painted masonry, glass and brickwork.

High Pressure Cleaning

We aim to have all graffiti removed within 72 hours of it being reported.

With the amount of damp weather that we seem to be having in this country lately, this service is proving to be very popular.  All pathways & hard standings require cleaning to remove the build up of dirt & algae that causes them to be both unsightly & very slippery.

A sacrificial coating is applied to the surface material preventing the penetration of the graffiti into the surface.  This coating can then be removed along with graffiti and the surface material is left unaffected, the coating is then simply reapplied ready for the next attack.  As the coating is transparent it will not detract from the appearance of your property.

In addition to our graffiti removal service, we have also developed a Surface Protection Service.  This service proves to be extremely cost effective in areas that suffer from frequent vandalism or where the surface material is too fragile or delicate for the conventional graffiti removal procedure.

Surface Protection

The graffiti is pre-spotted with a specially formulated product, our system then uses a special media that is applied using a high-pressure unit.  Where there are stubborn areas of graffiti, the water temperature can be heated to 140 °C and the pressure can be increased to 3000psi.  This system can be used on most surfaces and has proved to be very effective.

Following research into this matter, we discovered a revolutionary new method, it is the most effective system ever used and is approved by the Environment Agency as the safest method available.

The removal of graffiti has always been a problem and there have been many different methods developed to do so, the most common & effective method until recently was to sand blast the surface to remove the graffiti.  This method has however raised Health & Safety concerns for both operators & members of the public.

Graffiti Removal / High Pressure Cleaning

We are fully insured to carry out all works under taken.

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