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Glass, plastic, metal, painted surfaces, stone and concrete can all be cleaned using a variety of cleaning products and attachments.  The cleaning product is applied through the pole and is left to work into the dirt, the entire area can then be rinsed down with the purified water leaving the surface sparkling clean.  We are also able to apply chemicals that will prevent staining and dirt from sticking to the surface thus making each clean easier to carry out.


Most properties require this service on only a quarterly to six monthly basis.  Our Purified Waterfed Pole System can also be used to clean canopies, signage and awnings.

Cladding Cleaning

One of the most commonly used materials for the exterior of new buildings is cladding.  This surface material is prone to becoming dirty quite quickly and needs to be cleaned regularly to prevent staining.  In view of this, we have developed a cleaning system that can regularly maintain your cladding thus improving the appearance of your building and lengthening the lifespan of the surface material.


After much research, we found that the quickest and most efficient method to use is our Purified Waterfed Pole System.  Using this system, we are able to clean all surfaces up to a height of 60 feet without using access equipment.  For larger buildings, we train our operatives to use all types of Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (more commonly known as “cherry pickers”).

We are fully insured to carry out all works under taken.

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