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Carpet Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

When cleaning upholstery we select the appropriate system for your environment, as different materials require different methods.  The removal of chewing gum is carried out using a specialist solvent spray to dissolve it and other chemical pre-sprays, manual/mechanical agitation methods may be used where appropriate.  None of our systems over-wet the upholstery and your seating will be ready to use again within an hour.

Following lengthy research in this field, we discovered that one system stands out from the crowd in terms of speed, efficiency, quality and safety, that system is Texatherm.


Texatherm uses an exothermic reaction involving the use of heat with a chemical reaction to remove all dirt and grease from the carpet fibres.  The dirt brought to the surface and is then absorbed into specially designed pads leaving the carpet cleaned, sanitized and with an anti-static coating to prevent rapid re-soiling.


The manufacturer of this system provides a guarantee that it can in no way damage the carpet or cause it to shrink.  It is also WoolSafe® approved.  The Texatherm system leaves the carpet dry in approx 30 minutes.

We are fully insured to carry out all works under taken.

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